What would Dr. McFarland say today?

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I’ve listened to many if not all of his talks and I’ve heard the storm accurately described and what it would take, back then, to stop it. But it is now and surely he would have something to say.

One of the best speeches he gave was “Speak Up for America”. You can listen to it and download it at an earlier post sponsored by Mike Sharq at Move-Over.org . Mike first heard “Speak Up for America” around 1970 and played the record until it was worn out. He thought it to be the “perfect speech”.

Would Dr. McFarland still speak up for America? Does he? Listen to this shot of good conservative belief in our traditions and our country. We all need to speak up for America, hoping sincerely that some will listen and take the message to heart…......

Share “Speak up for America” with your friends and ask them to share it as well. Even better, sponsor “Speak up for America” and then share it. Comment if you are interested in keeping Dr. McFarland’s words alive.

Thank you.

By Anthony Audrieth 12/19/2012 05:05 PM

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