End Game

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What would Dr. McFarland say now? Who knows, but I can guarantee it wouldn’t be charitable to those who have abandoned every conservative principle he believed in. “What’s going on?”, he might ask. Liberal minds control congress, the presidency, the educational system, the IRS, the courts, the media, and on and on and on. How could it have come to this? Politicians afraid to stand up? Citizens afraid to speak out? Again, it doesn’t matter. We’ve come to this point and now the whole game is at stake. In the balance. What will happen?

I’ll tell you this. Now is time for all good men to come to the aid of their country. If we don’t take control of this situation and regain control of the helm, this country, as we know and love it, is doomed. Perhaps it is too late. I don’t think Dr. McFarland would be ready to throw in the towel though. Times change, but properly applied, conservative principles can still win the day.

Dr. McFarland was known as the “Dean of American Speakers”. His way with words, his incredibly powerful delivery still move me every time I hear him talk about the challenges we face. Only now, those challenges are life threatening. No way to rewind or replay, this is it.

If you have been moved by his words and believe they may help save us from a certain disaster not far off, then share them. His speeches, all of them, are now easily available as downloads. You can direct people to this website to hear his Hallmark “America’s Opportunity”. Or you can send people to McFarland Speaks . Either way, now is the time to inject his spirit into the battle and win the End Game…........

Dr. McFarland always believed in the importance of explaining the benefits of conservatism. While his words are couched in the language of his generation, the core principles remain true to this day. I hope you will listen to him speak, put his words in your own language and share. This is after all, the End Game. It’s now or unfortunately, never…....

By Anthony Audrieth 01/08/2014 09:00 PM

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