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The field is packed. New candidates are coming out of the woodwork.

Question is, who among them can present conservative beliefs in a way that will get through to those with differing views?

The challenge at this time is to educate non-thinking voters on why conservative principles are so important to the future of this country. Citizens must be helped to understand the reason and logic behind the timeless principles that made our country great. Principles that must be reclaimed and renewed before it is too late. Like Lincoln and Reagan who, as great speakers, could drive home their messages, our next president must be able to reach the people in a way they can understand; in a way that moves them to think; and then act knowingly in their own best interests.

So, when you think about these new hopefuls and listen to them speak, ask yourself, “can they present our guiding principles in a way that will change minds?”

In his book, “Eloquence in Public Speaking, How to Set your Words on Fire”, Dr. McFarland gives William Jennings Bryan’s definition of eloquence: “The speech of one who knows what he is talking about and means what he says—it is thought on fire.” Ask yourself, again, does this candidate know what they are talking about and really mean what they say? Can the fire of their words burn through to and illuminate the minds of new young liberal believers before they happily vote for their own demise?

Dr. McFarland’s speeches are a gold mine of common sense and deep understanding of our guiding principles. McFarland was not shy about speaking his mind. His book on public speaking zeroes in on the need for dynamic men and women to speak up and out. Not just highly visible candidates and their speeches, but each and every conservative citizen. We all need to share stories that illustrate the truths we believe in and the folly of liberal thinking.

If you love Dr. McFarland’s speeches and his ability to explain his beliefs, then own them and share his talks! You can listen to one of his most important speeches, “America’s Opportunity” here on McFarland Speaks or you can buy all of his speeches on CD or download them through the McFarland Project. His words ring true today.

That goes also for the talks of Dr. McFarland’s good friend, Dr. Charles Jarvis. Again, like Lincoln and Reagan, they both used humor to illustrate their messages. As Dr. Jarvis liked to say, “People don’t think, they think they think” and “humor can be used to illustrate a pitifully painful point.” Both Dr. Jarvis and Dr. McFarland were patriots and their way with words and wit cut though the fog of dogma. They could make people think without making them mad. For more about Dr. Jarvis, visit ON HUMOR .

Oh, how I’d love to hear Dr. McFarland and Bernie Sanders square off in a public debate. What fun that would be. But for now, let’s hope our next president is a great communicator and that we ourselves start to be eloquent. There is much to be done and the tipping point is perilously close at hand….......

By Anthony Audrieth 06/21/2015 09:25 PM

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