Dr. McFarland on Donald Trump

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What would Dr. McFarland say about Donald Trump? I have no idea, but expect there would be some agreement about making America great again. McFarland’s love of country, free enterprise and family would certainly resonate with today’s voters. Don’t think they’d say it the same way, but they’d both desire to stop the wholesale destruction of this country. And what is interesting is that Dr. McFarland was warning about these things back in the day. Don’t we ever listen? Now it is even more important to hear his words, they are timeless in defense of liberty.

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By Anthony Audrieth 01/21/2016 04:11 PM

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  1. rich breiner wrote on 03/05/2018 06:01 PM

    McFarland " A speaker has the same problem as the murderer---what to do with the body." p. 175 from Eloquence in Public Speaking. I have won many speech contests over the years because I developed speeches based on this McFarland quote: p 110 "The objective should be one in which the audience has an obvious interest. The hearers should readily recognize the problem involved as their problem, and realize that any contribution the speech makes toward solving that problem is a service to the." So many speeches answer questions no one is asking. Dr. Ken probably said that too. But I am not sure where. Rich Breiner

  2. Tom Stenzel wrote on 05/08/2018 01:24 PM

    I appreciate your insight Rich! Question is, what is obvious interest in this day of social media? Dr. Ken was one powerful storyteller and I'm always amazed how he warmed up the audience like a slow cooker before he hit his bulls eye. In the last recording of his that I listened to he states: The speaker has three goals: 1.. say something that's interesting and important to the audience, 2. say it well, 3. after you've said it, leave off or as I interpret it, sit down.

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